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Annual Interclub Photographic Competition of the Axarquia

2017 Competition Rules


That the competition be called “The Annual Interclub Photographic Competition of the Axarquia

  • That the competition will be open to all photografic clubs in the Axarquia.

  • The closing date for entry will be the 30/09/17.

  • The competition will be held in “The centre for contemporary arte, Velez Malaga”.

  • That all clubs will contribute 50€ to the cost of a trophy.

  • Each club will nominate a member to represent their in the organisation of the trophy.

  • That each club will provide 10 photographs produced in 2017 that meet the following criteria:

    • The photographs will be mounted on white card 400mm x 400mm.

    • The photographs will also be submitted digitally with each photo no greater that 2MB in size.  The file name will be the title of the photograph.

  • The photographs will be presented at the C. A. C. on the 30th October at 14.00.

  • An independent judge will be selected by the committee to assess the photographs awarding a score of 1 to 20.

  • The sum of the 10 scores awarded will be the clubs score.

  • The club that receives the most points will be the winner.

  • The previous years winner  will provide refreshments at the event.

  • No individual photographer may represent more than one club or present more than 2 photographs in the competition.

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