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Rules for the 2018 Inter-Club Competition 
  Each club to enter a maximum of 12 photographs to the competition. 
 .Selection to be at the discretion of each club but no more than 2 photo’s per club member. 
  Photographers that are members of two or more clubs can only submit entries for one club.


  Photographs to be taken between December 1​st​ 2016 and November 30​th 2017. 
  Any member who wishes to have their photograph included must agree to it being displayed on Multi Media. This would not affect   their copyright to the photograph. Photographs to be a maximum of 800 pixels on any site not password protected.  
  Photographs to be printed in either plain gloss, semi-gloss or matt only (no texture enhanced prints, ie: simulated canvas)

  and no larger than A4 (30cm x 21cm) for landscape and 25cm x 25cm for square prints, borders are optional. All prints to

  be ​numbered​ (label back of print), together  with a list of associated titles. The host club will arrange to mount and title entries on     thin white card for judging and presentation purposes.

  Entries must be submitted to the host club by 31​st​ January in the year of competition. 

  The host club may request digital copies for ​event display​ purposes only.  

  “Battles” will be held each year during March.  
  Clubs can enter all “battle” photo’s (low resolution) on their respective or public websites after the competition in order that their

  members can view them at leisure. 
  Each club to nominate two members to liaise with the other clubs to ensure the smooth running of the event. 
  The judge will be asked to provide a critique and mark every entry out of a possible score of 20 on the day.
  The winning club will be the one that has the highest total marks. In the event of a tie, the photograph with

  the highest individual score will win the competition for their respective organisation. In the event of a

  further tie, the judge’s choice of best photo from the tied clubs will decide.  
  The judge to be asked to critique all photographs in the knowledge that the competition category is an “OPEN” one, enhancement   programmes such as “photoshop” being allowed within the rules. 
  The competition is closed to all other clubs, subject to an agreed invitation by all clubs ​after​ any forthcoming event has been held. 









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