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Monthly Competition

The competition is open to all club members, whether currently in Nerja or not. Indeed, it will be good to receive entries from other parts of the globe, to get different perspectives on the subject.
All entries can all be viewed in the respective Galleries.
All the topics for the coming year´s monthly competitions can be viewed on a new page headed 2020 Monthly CompetitionTopics. Please note the recent changes to the voting rules. 
Please also ensure that entries do not have a pixel density greater than 70 per cm.; if they do, some cropping will occur when they are uploaded to the website.
Monthly Competition Rules
Members may enter two photographs each, to be submitted to by the fourth Tuesday of the month, at the latest.
Because we have to rely on being able to choose photos from our Monthly competitions to enter into External competitions, our Monthly Competition rules must take into account the rules applied to external competitione. Therefore,
1)   If you enter two photographs, One photo must have been taken in the previous 12 months
      and the Second photo taken in the previous 24 months.
2)   If you only submit one photo that must have been taken in the previous 12 months.
3)   Please state the dates that your photograph(s) was/were taken.
All member´s have one vote.
A vote will be taken at the Home Meeting after which it will be opened up to the Overseas Members by email.
Both sets of votes will be added together to find the overall winner who will be announced at the next Home Meeting.
In the case of a draw between more than two pictures, those attending the Home Meeting will vote between those pictures in order for a winner to be declared.

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